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Quiet place, Decent food  --  By Jammies

My family and I went there because we had a coupon. The place was fairly deserted for a Thursday lunch. But because there was so few people, we had a really nice chat with the manager and got pretty good service.
The sushi was beautifully laid out on their wooden trays, giving a nice Japanese feel to the food. The sushi itself was about the same as the other all-you-can-eat places. Their appetizers were just as good as well. The portions per order tended to be quite small, so you have to get quite a few orders to get your fill. The rolls were fairly small in size, allowing us to order and try a variety without getting too full. Pretty good overall.
The best part was the dessert, where they had a larger variety than any of the other places. There was pudding, cheesecake (real cheesecake and a decent portion), fried milk, fried banana, and ice cream. I'm always looking for the dessert at the end of a buffet and this is the best I've found for all-you-can-eat sushi places. 
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